S01 T02: Initial Reactions

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In this second short teaser I discuss briefly how the idea came about, how I reached out to potential guests, and what the (surprise) reaction was.

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Episode Transcript

Hello, my name is Richard. Some of you know me as a designer, some maybe as a WordPress enthusiast, and quite a lot of you probably know me as a marketing person now. Today I’m talking about none of those things.

I’m starting to focus on something very different and what I’m gonna be doing in this short clip is just introducing a small side project I’ve been working on. And it’s about climate change and environmental responsibility with a particular focus on tech.

The reason I’m doing this, apart from me having a personal interest in the space, is that I’ve been kind of shocked and a bit worried at how little attention software companies seem to give to this topic. On the one hand, this is I guess not super surprising because for a software company it’s not a it’s not a core thing. But at the same time software companies are also notorious for being laggards, when it comes to societal or ethical issues. And and this tends to be varnished with the veneer of, “oh tech is a
good thing… tech is generally for good”.

So this is where my head was at the beginning of last year and I was wondering: maybe I was being too harsh. Is this really the case that software companies don’t care about climate justice and environmental responsibility or is there something else? Is it may be just too complicated an issue, is it overwhelming? So I started doing some research and in the process I reached out to a bunch of my contacts to try and, I suppose, to take a marketing approach to validate or refute my hypothesis. And well as a result of that is a series of interviews, which is in a sort of a podcast format, for which my guests have been very varied and provided some really good insights.

So it’s just a small intro today to that. Episodes will start going live soon. If you want to get heads up you can subscribe to the mailing list by visiting fatalerror.blog or else just follow our pages on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

That’s it for today.

Thank you!

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