S01 T03: The Guest List

In the final teaser before publishing full episodes I’m sharing the full guest list of the first fifteen episodes in Series 1.

The main call to action today is to subscribe to our mailing list.

Video Version

Episode Transcript

In today’s short teaser clip I’m sharing the names of the brave souls who joined me in Series 1 of tackling the tricky topic of climate change on the Fatal Error podcast.

You will hear from:

  1. Rand Fishkin of Moz and SparkToro
  2. Bridget Harris of YouCanBookMe
  3. Richard de Nys of AwardForce
  4. David Darmanin of Hotjar
  5. Gareth Marlow of EQ Systems
  6. Peldi Giulizzoni of Balsamiq
  7. James Christie of Sustainable UX
  8. Mark Littlewood of Business of Software
  9. Simon Galbraith of Redgate
  10. Oli Hall of Forge the Future
  11. Steli Efti of Close
  12. Natalie Nagele of WildBit
  13. Cennydd Bowles
  14. Tom Greenwood of Wholegrain Digital
  15. Jordyn Bonds of TallyLab

That’s it for today. Remember to subscribe at fatalerror.blog (or this channel) to catch the first episode.

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