If you’re thinking about donating or supporting this project financially there are a few things you should know.

  • You should start by reading our governance page so that you know who you’re donating to.

The no-advertising/no-sponsorship stance might change in the future but at the moment we do not have a solid policy, nor a process for vetting the credentials of organisations, so we’ll refuse any such offers.

The only current exception is that I’m allowing ads on parts of the site via their WordAds program. As a former Automattic employee I have a degree of trust in how this program is run so I’m giving it a go. If this turns out to be a distraction or I receive reports of inappropriate ads I’ll turn them off.

Here’s how to donate:

You can support the project on Patreon

Patreon donors will automatically be listed publicly on the Patreon page itself (if you choose that option).

Or you can make a direct donation via PayPal

PayPal donors will be listed on this site on a donors page (WIP).

What’s the money for?

My goal is to have full transparency on costs — both financial and non-financial. Doing this properly is going to take more time than I have now so for the moment I’m providing this small breakdown. First you’ll find the overheads (small so far).

Hosting and domainGBP 84.00Yearly
Decent micGBP 79.99One-off

And the following are rough per-episode costs. For this I’m calculating my time as worth GBP 50.00 per hour which is a conservative opportunity cost of not working on client work.

Per episode costs (on average)TimeCost
Outreach and booking per interviewee0.5 hourGBP 25.00
Interviewee research1 hourGBP 50.00
Recording time 1 hourGBP 50.00
Transcription and mastering (automated)GBP 15.00
Artwork production1 hourGBP 50.00
Intro commentary recording1 hourGBP 50.00
Audio/video editing3 hoursGBP 150.00
Blog post and episode notes1 hourGBP 50.00
Publication and simple promo1 hourGBP 50.00
Episode costGBP 490.00

For reference a professional podcasting company (just audio) typically charges between USD 1,000 and USD 2,000 per episode so we’re not off the mark.

So far (November 2019) we’ve recorded fifteen episodes.

One thing you’ll notice is missing here is any carbon accounting. Also coming soon.

Non-financial ways of helping

For simple stuff, follow our accounts on the usual social sites:

If you run a relevant blog, site, or newsletter and want to feature us as we publish new content please drop me an email so that I can keep you posted.

Alternatively, if you’d like to contribute directly by writing for us, helping with editing, or marketing, also drop me an email 🙂

If you’d like to speak, head over to that page.