Who’s behind this?

My name is Richard Muscat. I’ve worked in software as an engineer, designer, and marketer for over twenty years.

This site and its contents are owned and operated by my own company: Indy Zone Ltd (a UK-based limited liability company).

Currently Indy Zone Ltd. (IZL) is setup as a regular for-profit organisation through which I run my client work so that we can, well, eat and pay the bills.

The Fatal Error project is being funded by IZL so far (in terms of material costs and time) and my focus right now is getting this content and podcast off the ground.

The next steps for the organisation are:

  • Make the company profitable just from climate-related work. This is largely TBD but could include new projects, donations, and/or consultancy.
  • Create a proper advisory and directorial board.
  • Change the articles and accounting of the company to comply with something like being a social enterprise, a B corporation, or a Zebra.

For the time being my energy is being focused on getting this project off the ground. If you’d like to donate directly there is a breakdown of costs and and what the money goes to on the donations page.