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Show Notes

My guest today is David Henzel, CEO of UpCoach, an online coaching platform, and founder of TaskDrive, LTVplus, and Shortlist. David is personally passionate about fighting climate change, which led to intriguing conversations around these topics:

  • David’s personal lifestyle of veganism — “I heard someone say once, which makes a lot of sense to me…in 30 years we’ll look back at eating animals the same way we looked back at slavery … like how could we do something that cruel”. 
  • The theory of conscious capitalism: businesses can do good while still making a profit such as Whole Foods. 
  • Debate around for profits versus non profits.
  • The opinion humans are starting to ‘wake up’ and make climate change focused decisions in their personal lives. 
  • A call to action on starting the climate conversation in David’s organizations.
  • David and his wife’s eco village project with the goal of providing sustainable food and living in their local community. 
  • David’s entrepreneurial journey and why he decided to focus on a coaching software.


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