Fatal Error is a non-profit project brought to you by a small team.

Richard muscat

Richard has worked mostly in the software industry focusing on product design, marketing and business growth.

In 2019 he decided to begin focusing on climate change and environmental sustainability.

When not recording podcast episodes you can probably find him cooking complicated dishes and chasing after two naughty kids 😉


Tamara Greenberg

Tamara has spent her career in Financial Services in the US, currently an Associate Director on the Women’s Strategic Client Segment team at UBS Wealth Management.

Tamara is personally passionate about using her skills to fight climate change. She enjoys her free time running, hiking, and snowboarding outdoors and sees our climate emergency affecting our planet across the globe.



Sadie graduated from Quest University Canada with a major in science communication.

She is passionate about making climate related data accessible to public audiences. Currently, she is opening a used outdoor gear store in the US.

In her time off you can find her climbing, mountain biking, and falling with a little bit of skiing.