S01 T01: Introducing Fatal Error

The first short teaser clip introducing my new podcast: Fatal Error.

S01 T02: Initial Reactions

How the idea came about and what my guests’ initial reactions were.

S01 T03: Guest List

Full run-down of Series 1 guest list.

S01 E01: Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin (Moz / SparkToro) talks to me about climate change, capitalism, and Zebras.

S01 E02: Bridget Harris

Bridget Harris (CEO, YouCanBookMe) discusses politics, extinction rebellion, and morals in a time of crisis.

S01 E03: David Darmanin

David Darmanin (CEO, Hotjar) discusses Greta Thunberg, carbon neutrality, and funding climate positive projects.

S01 E04: Gareth Marlow

Gareth Marlow (Executive Coach, EQ Systems) discusses growth, feedback loops, and the morality of business.

S01 E05: Peldi Guilizzoni

Peldi Guilizzoni (CEO, Balsamiq) discusses the climate strikes, office sustainability, and company values.