S01 EP10: Steli Efti, CEO of Close

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Show Notes

Frankly, if you work in software marketing or sales and haven’t heard of Steli Efti you’ve not been doing your job right. He’s an accomplished salesperson and negotiator who’s become deservedly famous for openly sharing his expertise for free.

I was lucky to work directly with Steli for a few months at Close but even so I was in two minds as to whether he’d be at all open to discussing this topic.

Turns out I was right to reach out to him. Like Peldi, despite not being an expert on the topic he is personally concerned and we had a fruitful conversation. More importantly (to me) he shared his thoughts on why and how activists in the area struggle with “selling” the problem and what approaches we can all take to do better.


Here are the direct links to resources mentioned in the episode:

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