Think different. Now.

Now, think really different.

Fatal Error is a series of interviews with tech leaders about the climate emergency and tech’s contribution. What do they think? Is it even OK to talk about this and what should we be doing?


As the climate emergency unfolds tech companies are mostly in business-as-usual mode. We are changing that.

Climate change is now a backdrop to all of us: whether we’re running software companies, fishing, writing code, or working the land. Inaction is tantamount to denial.

Saying you’re not an “expert” is no longer an excuse. We’re good at learning: it’s time to learn sustainability, deeply.

Tech companies claim to thrive on change and disruption. It’s therefore time to walk the talk, lead the change that’s needed, and fulfil the promise tech claims to make: improving lives.

To steal a phrase, it’s time to think different.


The first project we’re undertaking is a wide-ranging series of interviews with tech CEOs and leaders in which we openly discuss personal views, how to change attitudes, solutions, and more broadly making it “OK to talk about”.

We’ve just released the first teaser episodes and full episodes will start going live mid-March.

Inaction is denial.