S02 EP04: Tim Frick, CEO of Mightybytes

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Show Notes

My guest today is Tim Frick, CEO of Mightybytes, a digital agency and certified B Corporation that helps great organizations create greater impact. Tim uses his business to drive social and environmental change. 

In the episode, we discussed:

  • The history of Mightybytes and why Tim made the decision to change the structure to a Certified B Corporation 
  • Tim Frick’s experience of personal sole searching and the realization that he gravitated towards working with organizations that drive social and environmental impact 
  • The unique structure and requirements of B Corporations which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems 
  • Process of going through the B Assessments, which is an audit process every 3 years to ensure the company is adhering to B Corp guidelines
  • Using the B Impact Assessment in Mightybytes’ ongoing decisions (community, governance, workers, environment, customers)
  • Making decisions based off of the environmental review during the B Assessment — learned that the internet had a major carbon footprint 
  • Mightybytes’ focus on decreasing their internet carbon footprint through web optimization in performance and efficiency
  • Mightybytes’ commitment to using green hosting providers using the Green Web Foundation’s advice and guidance 
  • Declaration of a climate emergency within Mightybytes along with a communications toolkit that states this is an emergency and we need to treat it as such 
  • Goal of reaching net zero at Mightybytes through offsetting and decreasing travel, renewable energy hosting, analyzing office space energy uses, and more
  • 1% for the Planet Member — 1% of company profits are donated to environmental organizations


Here are the direct links to resources mentioned in the episode:

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