S02 EP06: James Mayes, CEO of Mind The Product

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Show Notes

My guest today is James Mayes, co-founder and CEO of Mind The Product, the world’s largest community of passionate product people that provides content, membership, events, training, and more.

James shared his excitement around working with product managers to solve problems and how we can think strategically within the climate change landscape. 

In the episode, we discussed: 

  • Bringing together like-minded product managers and people who are passionate about fighting for the environment through a slack community ‘How Might We’ 
  • Idea that people need to be passionate about the problem they’re trying to solve within the climate change landscape (single use plastics, clean energy, etc.) 
  • Discussion around environmental practices businesses can implement 
  • James’s observation that he runs conferences and has a carbon footprint 
  • James’s personal decision to offset his carbon footprint and bringing this discussion to Mind The Product 
  • Process of joining a community — what are you looking for within the community, what are you hoping to get out of this, and what problem are you trying to solve? 
  • Internal conversation around sustainable practices Mind The Product can implement at conferences such as increased use of video technology, green supplies within the conference center, and bamboo lanyards 
  • Evolution of business practices and ideas based on what works well and what can we improve upon 
  • Discussion on the future of in-person conferences and live events 
  • James’s hope to find a speaker with a credible story and a storyteller around climate change


Here are the direct links to resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Interested in joining the How Might We slack community? Reach out to James by email on james at mindtheproduct dot com
  • Mind the Product website

Video Version

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